About Us

Koolanoo Group – Internet Media (KGIM) is a leading Internet and new media investment firm with principle focus on China.

With the largest Internet user base and an insatiable appetite for online products and services, China is and will continue to be the most vital Internet market in the world. However, it is not an easy market to crack; too many firms come to China with one-size-fits-all business models that fall flat in China’s highly competitive and localized market.

KGIM was established with the aim to create a unique Internet investment firm, built and run locally in China, but with strong international connections that allow for opportunistic and high-profile business growth.

Founded in December 2006, KGIM is led by a staff of 100 professionals in Beijing and maintains offices in Hong Kong and London.

What Makes Us Different?

Koolanoo translates from the Biblical word for ‘All of us’.

The word underlies Koolanoo Group’s corporate philosophy: we believe that in order for our companies to succeed, we need to give each of our employees both the freedom and the support to prosper. We work closely with our entrepreneurs to help them develop the strategies and operations to be successful.

Our Approach

KGIM aims to build or invest in Internet-focused companies with considerable growth potential.

KGIM invests in early phase, growth phase and mature Internet businesses, taking a ‘hands-on’, service-oriented approach in China or for companies aiming to enter China, where we have direct knowledge , established management and experience.

KGIM is not limited to investments in China, however we do seek businesses that if operating outside of China can at some stage add a unique action or service to the market and flourish in China.

As our corporate philosophy suggests, we believe that the whole is greater than the sum of our parts, which is why we invest in complementary Internet sectors, generating synergies across our portfolio of businesses.

Underpinning each of our companies is a commitment to investment in both R&D; and training, which is fundamental to the success of our products and services in China—bringing new ideas, technologies and approaches to our portfolio of businesses.